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Shamelessly Treacherous

Image courtesy of Roberto Mangosi

Image courtesy of Roberto Mangosi

Newspapers announce another government crisis. This afternoon Berlusconi ordered to his Ministers to resign and they replied to their lord with a “Yes Sir.” Berlusconi knows the vote in the Senate will force him to relinquish his seat after his conviction for fiscal fraud this Summer. This is his last attempt to extort the President of the Republic a pardon, namely an act of clemency to forgive his crime; or to try to convince the Senate to save him by voting down the relinquishment of his seat.

To add insult to injury, we are witnessing for the umpteenth time Berlusconi and his political and news servants turning reality upside-down. For two months now, we’ve been listening over and over again that Berlusconi’s conviction was a product of Communist Judges trying to get rid of him with a sentence because of the inability of the Left to defeat him politically. Then- after Cassazione, the Court of third instance, confirmed the sentence of the Court of Appeal- we saw Berlusconi’s video message where he shamelessly stated in front of the whole country that he was innocent. Now MPs of Berlusconi’s party affirm that the reason they resigned is to avoid a tax increase that will occur starting from Tuesday. The tax increase, however, is a direct consequence of PdL’s (Berlusconi’s party) MPs refusal to sign a bill that would have avoided it yesterday.

It is unbelievable how these irresponsible MPs and their absolute master/owner mystify reality. Listening the Minister of Internal Affairs saying publicly that Berlusconi’s conviction and the subsequent relinquishment of his seat at the Senate is against the rule of law and that we now live in a judicial regime is outrageous. We are hostage of a certified criminal. In the rest of Western democracies parties such as PdL would not find place in the Parliament. Because of the subversive nature, PdL should be a mere extra-parliamentary force. In Italy, Berlusconi not only ruled the country for four (and a half, considering this grand coalition government with the Dems) times, but he also loves to define himself “the leader of the moderate conservatives.” Conservatives so moderate that do not want to comply with the rule of law; that pass bills ad personam to save Berlusconi from other trials; and let a country’s government collapse because they are unwilling and unable to survive without their political owner.

By the way, I started this blog during 2013 elections and it was clear since day one that this grand coalition would have been short-lived. In good faith or not, President Napolitano holds the majority of the burden of this failure. He accepted his second mandate as a result of a House of Cards-like Presidential elections with a clear idea in mind: facilitating the creation of a grand coalition. The whole political architecture built up by the President looked extremely weak and incapable of sorting out the huge Italian political, social, and economic challenges. This government should have simply been avoided. Berlusconi couldn’t wait to influence the daily political activity for his own interest and his MPs couldn’t wait to go along with their lord’s wishes. They have little, if any, political stature. They just repeat whatever the boss says, like parrots. No trace of deception in PdL, not even after the conviction. No sign of criticism to the line held by the supreme leader. Ever. Dems have no excuses. After twenty years, it’s no longer possible to believe in their good faith. Now that this new crisis erupted, they seem to fall from the sky. What the hell did you expect from Berlusconi?? He’s there only for his personal interest and he’s there with you as long as you save him. You don’t, you fall with him.


Informazione? Ma de che!

Questo è il livello dell’informazione in questo Paese. Servi di un sistema che fa comodo anche alla loro categoria. Questo è giornalismo? Negli altri Paesi, i giornalisti vengono criticati quando non pongono la “seconda domanda”, quella che incastra l’interlocutore. Da noi non c’è nemmeno l’ombra della prima! Far parlare a ruota libera e poi ripetere a pappagallo ciò che viene detto non equivale a fare informazione. Ma penso che questo sia anche il prodotto del nostro sistema educativo, dove anche durante gli studi universitari c’è una quasi totale mancanza di sviluppo di pensiero critico. Ore ed ore a prepararsi per esami orali dove viene chiesta la virgola del paragrafo X del capitolo Y che devi necessariamente ripetere a memoria. 

Quando capiremo che fare informazione non significa avere talk show organizzati a mo’ di tribuna politica? Ognuno ripete le proprie posizioni, nessuna analisi viene prodotta, nessun contenuto approfondito. Il tutto serve solo a dare visibilità. I TG e i talk show sono il palcoscenico della propaganda. I politici vengono lasciati liberi di cantarsela e suonarsela per ore. Poi c’è il dovere di contraddittorio, dove per simil par condicio devono essere presenti, sempre in numero equo, rappresentanti di schieramenti opposti. Il tutto si traduce in un relativismo estremo dell’informazione: se si parla della sentenza di Berlusconi, naturalmente devono essere presenti una Santanché, un Sallusti, o un Belpietro che devono difendere a spada tratta il loro padrone. Come se di fronte ad una condanna definitiva ci fosse ancora bisogno di difendersi.  Enough. Basta con questi talk show contenutisticamente vuoti. Che si pongano domande sulle policies (programmi, iniziative politiche) e non sulla politics (posizionamento dei partiti, alleanze, dibattiti tutti interni ai partiti) ad esperti e non alle solite facce (giornalisti a libro paga e politicanti) che non dicono mai nulla se non frasi retoriche e attacchi agli interlocutori.

Se i politici sono lì, sempre gli stessi, senza aver fatto crescere questo Paese negli ultimi vent’anni, la responsabilità è anche (e grande) di questi pseudo-giornalisti nostrani.